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Lions of Oregon & Northern California are a part of an international network of 1.4 million men and women in 200 countries and geographic areas who work together to answer the needs that challenge communities around the world. Lions are best known for working to end preventable blindness, the giving of eyeglasses and hearing aids for the needy and local service projects.


Mission Statement of Lions Clubs International:


"To create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation."


Show Me a Little Kindness

April Newsletter
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 I know many (I should say all of you) Lions are better writers than I am. Each month it is a struggle for me to find relevant topics that might be of interest to the Oregon Lion reader and then write about them.  I have started making notes about things I see and hear as I travel our great state so I am more prepared when the deadline looms ahead like dark forbidding clouds on the horizon.

Last month I wrote about Projects Oregon and Random Acts of Kindness. By now I hope that you all have received your mailings from the committee and have had a chance to compliment a stranger on their kindness to someone with the little yellow button.  I was not going to write more about the topic. And then I received my copy of a quarterly magazine from the University of Oregon, not surprisingly called Oregon Quarterly. This time when I opened it, it revealed an article by Alice Tallmadge about Philosopher Caroline Lundquest and her views on kindness. Caroline calls kindness an overlooked virtue. She says “Kindness is the enactment of a fundamental truth of human existence, which is simply that we are each other’s best and worst luck.” She goes on to write about how a gentleman in Sydney, Australia, who saved over 150 people from suicide with a cup of tea and a little kindness.  Type in “Angel of The Gap,” as the late Don Ritchie was known into your web browser and see his amazing story. Lions go out of their way to help others in the community and I can see a little of Don in many of the Lions that I know.

One of other items from my notes is the Lions Clubs Internationals’ program for waiving the entrance fee of $25 for U.S. Veterans joining a Lions club from 7-1-2013 to 6-30-2015. The returning men and women veterans offer Lions clubs a can-do attitude and an understanding of teamwork - both wonderful traits in a Lion member. One of the comments I have heard is why do I need to pay to volunteer? Well, our dues offer support to people around the world through humanitarian grants, remember River Blindness? In addition, they provide for the administration of our organization and for project insurance that every club needs. So the waiver reduces the cost just a little to help with that transition to Lions club membership. Go to the Lions Clubs International web-site and type in U.S. Veterans Program and see the resources that are available.

In this issue there is a survey about the Oregon Lion magazine and the options of moving the magazine to the internet. It will happen one way or another, sometime in the future, I am sure. The Communication Task Force just wants to make sure that whatever happens, it is the best that can be done for the Lions of Oregon. Please take the time to register your opinion with CCE Joyce Anderson or call and chat with me. My direct cell phone # is 971.506.5914 and I would be glad to discuss any of your concerns about the magazine.

Finally, the registration form is out and available in this issue (pg. 23) for the Multiple District 36 Convention on May 15th and 16th at the Salem Red Lion. Come and make a new friend.

Make a great day!

District O - DG Sharon Rollins April 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District R - DG Greg Pierce April 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District E - DG Bruce Boone April 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District G - DG Bill Burley April 2014 - Lion Magazine Article


Will you not help me hasten the day when there shall be no preventable blindness; no little deaf, blind child untaught; no blind man or woman unaided? I appeal to you Lions, you who have your sight, your hearing, you who are strong and brave and kind. Will you not constitute yourselves Knights of the Blind in this crusade against darkness?
— Helen Keller's Speech at 1925 International Convention Cedar Point, Ohio, USA June 30, 1925