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Lions of Oregon & Northern California are a part of an international network of 1.4 million men and women in 200 countries and geographic areas who work together to answer the needs that challenge communities around the world. Lions are best known for working to end preventable blindness, the giving of eyeglasses and hearing aids for the needy and local service projects.


Mission Statement of Lions Clubs International:


"To create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation."


Jump into Fall

        Wow, what a summer this has been!  Just like most summers, there are so many activities around our Multiple District.  The parades, picnics, fairs, community celebrations, garage sales, barbeques, vision screenings at local libraries around the state, family gatherings and Club socials are just some of the activities that our Lions family has participated in.  I hope that you had a great summer and managed to stay cool in the beautiful weather that we have had.  But now it’s time to get down to work.

       It’s time to “Spark” new enthusiasm in our clubs and the projects that we have going in our areas and Districts.  Each of our Districts has held its first Cabinet meeting and the Council of Governors has also met for the first time this year.  Another first, our COG meeting was held in Dorris, CA, in their new Community Center.  It is beautiful and the Dorris Lions are terrific hosts!  What a great group of leaders we have in our Multiple District.  They are ready to get going!  As schools open for the new year, this would be a great time to find out how your club could be of help to the school or to individual teachers. Remember, most of these schools will be screening their children for at least vision needs this year and many of those screenings will be done through the Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation’s screening program.  It would be great if your Lions club was visible in the school on the day of the screening.

       September is Eyeglasses Collection Month.  Why not plan and advertise a date and place where you will collect used eyeglasses in your community?  Be sure to report the number of glasses that are collected to your District representative.  We would like to start keeping more accurate records of the work we are doing with our various statewide projects.  If we don’t know the numbers, we can’t do a very accurate job of bragging about our work.  

       The new Multiple District directory is out and full of valuable information.  Each Club President and Secretary has a copy.  Please contact Glynis at the headquarters office if you find changes that need to be made.  Sometimes things change from the time the information was sent in by your Governor until the book gets printed.  It’s easy to just send a quick email to: and let Glynis know the change.
       Please share your Club and District information with all of us in the Multiple District.  I would like to visit your area, if the schedule will allow, so keep me posted!

       You will hear more about the “Spark the Pride” program in future issues of The Oregon Lion magazine.
                                      Dist. Representatives for Statewide Projects:
District O – 1st VDG Garry Charbonneau -; District R – PDG Cy Kauffman –; District E – 1st VDG Wes King – ; District G – Debi Castor –

“Spark the Pride”

          As we start this new Lions year, I would like to thank the Lions in MD 36 who have agreed to become part of the team that leads us into the future.  Also a great big Thank You to Past Council Chair Steve Thomson and the 2013-14 Council of Governors for all of their hard work during this past year.

          In three short years, Lions Clubs International will celebrate 100 years of service.  What will the next 100 years bring?  Will we continue to be the largest service organization in the world?  The decisions we make now will have a great impact on that future.

          Our new International President Joe Preston from Prescott, Arizona, has chosen “Strengthen the Pride” as his theme for the year.  He has a four-part program that you will be hearing about as our District Governors make visits to your clubs.  Many of his plans are in preparation for the 100 Year Celebration.

          In our Multiple District, I have chosen the theme of “Spark the Pride” for this coming year.  My plan is to find ways that we can “spark” our clubs to be better than ever, to “spark” our members to take pride in what they do every day in their communities, to “spark” our enthusiasm as we work together so that others will want to become a member of our clubs in order to enjoy the same benefits that we enjoy and to “spark” our interest to work with more children and youth in our community.

          As many of you know, I have a great love for auto racing and, in the past, we actually held a race at the District O Convention when I was District Governor and I plan a repeat of that type of program in May at our Multiple District Convention.  You will be hearing more about this “Spark Program” in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more information.

          Although there were a limited number of Lions from MD 36 in attendance in Toronto, Canada, at the International Convention, all of us had a great time and we heard of the many projects Lions of the world do every day to provide service to those in need.  We were entertained by terrific talents, many of them with sight and/or hearing loss.  These entertainers gave us great examples of what hard work and perseverance can achieve.

          Lastly, I would like to remind you of the “Opt Out” to The Oregon Lion that is in this issue of the magazine.  You will be able to read each issue on the MD 36 website,

          Let’s keep that spark going!

Council of Governors meetings this year:

August 16 – Dorris, CA Butte Valley Community Center
November 15 – Springfield Justice Center
March 6, 2015 – Pendleton
May 21, 2015 - Seaside 

All I learned, I learned at the MD Convention

June Newsletter

         I hope you were at the Multiple District 36 Convention to learn about Projects Oregon (sponsored by a Public Relations grant from LCI). The Acts of Kindness project that started in March, the Projects Oregon display boards for clubs and the upcoming Cans for the Cause, all can be seen on The Projects Oregon Facebook page. To find the page, type into your web browser. It will help you find information about the projects, so that you can explain them to your club. Better yet, you can print out the information and take it to your next club meeting to share with your fellow Lions.
         I was so impressed with the convention presentations by Chair Bob Van Slyke and Chief Executive Officer Barbara Crow for Lions Vision Gift. The things they are developing right here in Oregon are helping to advance eye care throughout the world. The Lions of Oregon should be very proud of all they have achieved.
         Our visiting International Director John Pettis, Jr. and his wife Liz, were a delight to be with and shared their friendship with all who were there. I talked with him on the way back to the airport on Sunday. ID John stressed the importance of offering a sincere greeting and the gift of friendship at every club meeting, especially to visitors and new members. He joined his Lions club because of the warm reception he received as opposed to what he encountered at some other community service organizations. Why would anyone join a club that was not filled with potential friends? For those going to the USA\Canada Forum in Puerto Rico, be sure to seek ID John and Liz out. They will be there attending the Forum.
         I want to thank everyone involved with the Multiple District convention in Salem. What a wonderful opportunity to see your friends and learn about ideas to strengthen your club.  The convention team was led by PCC Bob Guerrant and CC Elect Joyce Anderson, with PCC Bev Bridgewater, MD GLT coordinator, handling the forums. All did an outstanding job. 
         I am sure there will be more written about the Multiple District 36 Council of Governors meeting the day before the Convention. But, I want to report on just one item: The Council’s approval of the Communication Task Force Committee’s recommendation to switch (3) three editions of The Oregon Lion magazine to the web. You will still receive your Oregon Lion in the mail (except for 3 issues) unless you opt-out. Opting-out saves the Multiple District about $6/Lion and, if you multiply that by about 4,000 Lions, it is a significant savings. The elimination of the 3 issues will allow the MD to continue providing the service that is needed without raising dues and without going into the red (which is not allowed by our by-laws). 
         Finally, I want to mention a couple of ways to financially help our Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation without taking anything out of your pocket: 1. AmazonSmile Foundation to benefit OLSHF: Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible AmazonSmile purchases to OLSHF whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. 2. Fred Meyer Community Rewards to benefit OLSHF: Support OLSHF just by shopping at Fred Meyer with your Rewards Card. Please take a minute to link your Rewards Card to benefit OLSHF at It’s easy to sign up so that every time you shop, you bring hope to people in need of sight and hearing assistance!
          Make a great day!

District O - DG Sharon Rollins June 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District R - DG Greg Pierce June 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District E - DG Bruce Boone June 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District G - DG Bill Burley June 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

Looking for new members? Try a little friendship!

May Newsletter

Have you ever gotten dressed and realized that your sock had a hole at the big toe? What did you do? Throw it away and get a new one? Or did you put it on the other foot and hope the other sock did not have a hole in it too. I think that is a little like membership. If something does not work, you do not throw the whole thing away, you need to try something else. Even though this is the May issue of The Oregon Lion, I am writing this article in April, which is membership month, and Lions Worldwide Induction day is April 21st.  Sometimes I think we get too serious about “developing membership” and we try too hard to make membership in our club happen. I think we need to create an atmosphere of friendship at our meetings that any visitor can enjoy. 

My Club just had a speaker that talked about brewing beer at home. A subject of some interest to me personally, at least the beer part. I think we (my Lions Club) missed an excellent opportunity to invite the public and friends to listen to an enthusiastic speaker talk about a hobby he obviously enjoyed. We learned about the science, the equipment and the many different kinds of beer one can brew at home. What is the difference between a Lager and an Ale? Since the presentation, I now know that it is the yeast and the temperature. But, the best thing about the evening was the fun and shared friendship that happened during the meeting. I know anyone could have enjoyed our evening. The waiter kept asking questions throughout the evening; he would have enjoyed sitting and hearing the presentation. But, the presentation on home brewing beer is just an example of one kind of evening that can lead to reaching your club’s membership goals. If your club has a fun, friendly and interesting Lions meeting that visitors can come to, it is a membership meeting. 

Please take the time to read PCC Rod Bach’s article in this issue about the landslide in the Oso/Darrington area of Washington and the collection of funds for those in need in District 19-B.  I am sure our Lion friends to the North are doing all they can to help the slide victims and it is an opportunity for the Lions in MD 36 to help also.

Remember the Multiple District 36 Convention is on May 15th and 16th at the Salem Red Lion. International Director John Pettis, Jr. and his wife Liz will be joining us from Merrimac, Massachusetts. Please come and find a new friend.

Make a great day!

District O - DG Sharon Rollins May 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District R - DG Greg Pierce May 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District E - DG Bruce Boone May 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District G - DG Bill Burley May 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

Show Me a Little Kindness

April Newsletter
072509 50th Anniv OLSHF Gala 119.jpg

 I know many (I should say all of you) Lions are better writers than I am. Each month it is a struggle for me to find relevant topics that might be of interest to the Oregon Lion reader and then write about them.  I have started making notes about things I see and hear as I travel our great state so I am more prepared when the deadline looms ahead like dark forbidding clouds on the horizon.

Last month I wrote about Projects Oregon and Random Acts of Kindness. By now I hope that you all have received your mailings from the committee and have had a chance to compliment a stranger on their kindness to someone with the little yellow button.  I was not going to write more about the topic. And then I received my copy of a quarterly magazine from the University of Oregon, not surprisingly called Oregon Quarterly. This time when I opened it, it revealed an article by Alice Tallmadge about Philosopher Caroline Lundquest and her views on kindness. Caroline calls kindness an overlooked virtue. She says “Kindness is the enactment of a fundamental truth of human existence, which is simply that we are each other’s best and worst luck.” She goes on to write about how a gentleman in Sydney, Australia, who saved over 150 people from suicide with a cup of tea and a little kindness.  Type in “Angel of The Gap,” as the late Don Ritchie was known into your web browser and see his amazing story. Lions go out of their way to help others in the community and I can see a little of Don in many of the Lions that I know.

One of other items from my notes is the Lions Clubs Internationals’ program for waiving the entrance fee of $25 for U.S. Veterans joining a Lions club from 7-1-2013 to 6-30-2015. The returning men and women veterans offer Lions clubs a can-do attitude and an understanding of teamwork - both wonderful traits in a Lion member. One of the comments I have heard is why do I need to pay to volunteer? Well, our dues offer support to people around the world through humanitarian grants, remember River Blindness? In addition, they provide for the administration of our organization and for project insurance that every club needs. So the waiver reduces the cost just a little to help with that transition to Lions club membership. Go to the Lions Clubs International web-site and type in U.S. Veterans Program and see the resources that are available.

In this issue there is a survey about the Oregon Lion magazine and the options of moving the magazine to the internet. It will happen one way or another, sometime in the future, I am sure. The Communication Task Force just wants to make sure that whatever happens, it is the best that can be done for the Lions of Oregon. Please take the time to register your opinion with CCE Joyce Anderson or call and chat with me. My direct cell phone # is 971.506.5914 and I would be glad to discuss any of your concerns about the magazine.

Finally, the registration form is out and available in this issue (pg. 23) for the Multiple District 36 Convention on May 15th and 16th at the Salem Red Lion. Come and make a new friend.

Make a great day!

District O - DG Sharon Rollins April 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District R - DG Greg Pierce April 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District E - DG Bruce Boone April 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District G - DG Bill Burley April 2014 - Lion Magazine Article


Opportunity Is Knocking!

March Newsletter
072509 50th Anniv OLSHF Gala 119.jpg

     Hi everyone. I had a great opportunity as Council Chair to attend a meeting last week at the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation offices (OLS&HF). The Multiple Heath Screening Unit (MHSU) Committee was meeting to review promotional videos that the Foundation has been developing to promote the screening of school age students in Oregon. The program is growing (65,000 students screened this year) and will continue grow as the Foundation and the Oregon legislature work to make sure all students in Oregon are screened for sight and hearing. The videos (I think there will be three) that the Foundation is developing are going to be marvelous. The videos will help inform Lions and volunteers as well as the school administration about the screening program. But what I am really, really excited about is the OPPORTUNITY that the program offers Lions Clubs in Oregon. While the Foundation is clearly developing the videos to promote the screening program, the videos are also promoting the things that Lions do and the service we provide by way of the Foundation.

     As I have stated before, I believe we need members to do service in our communities and we need to offer service to potential Lion members. Oregon has is a big pool of volunteers. Look at the thousands who come out for the Run for the Cure or volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, but many do not want to belong to a service organization for a variety of reasons. That reluctance to join is what we need to aggressively address. The Foundation’s screening program will allow each club the OPPORTUNITY to have a built-in service project that can be offered to members and potential members. The Foundation has developed a calendar (it is on their web site) that will allow every Lion to volunteer to be a vision or hearing screener.

     In my Club, there are a number of Lions that like to volunteer together. With the use of the Foundation calendar, members of my club or your club can schedule a screening activity and invite potential members. For the potential member, volunteering with just a few club members is an easy first introduction to Lions. You then have an OPPORTUNTY to discuss Lions, how great your club is and the many friendships that have developed because of your involvement with Lions.

     The Foundation will need lots of community and Lion volunteers for the screening program in your area and around the state for the foreseeable future. Please consider taking advantage of the OPPORTUNITY to provide service and to use the program as a recruiting tool for your club.

        A different topic for your consideration is the District and Multiple District Conventions and this year - one day Conferences. Once a year the Districts and the Multiple District come together for business and pleasure. It is a time to see what is happening in the District, around the state and maybe even nationally in Lions. You can meet and vote for the leaders of your organization, attend a class or session on some aspect of Lions and, most importantly, renew old friendships and make new ones. I would challenge you to come with a question or concern you or your club has. With a little effort you will find someone at the convention that will have an answer or at least a direction to your answer. The Multiple District 36 Convention will be May 15th and 16th at the Salem Red Lion. Come and make a new friend.

Make a great day!

District O - DG Sharon Rollins March 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District R - DG Greg Pierce March 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District E - DG Bruce Boone March 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

District G - DG Bill Burley March 2014 - Lion Magazine Article

Random Acts of Kindness

February Newsletter
072509 50th Anniv OLSHF Gala 119.jpg

            Hi everyone. Back in November, I wrote about Projects Oregon and the $20,000 Public Relations Grant the Multiple District had been awarded from Lions Clubs International. Of course, there is always a little hitch in the process. Only $10,000 was received and we will not get the rest until we have spent the entire $20,000. So we are in the throes of working that out (does anyone want to loan the committee $10,000?). Hopefully, we can get the Council to approve a loan to the committee.

            In the same article, I wrote about Judith Grosenick and her idea of "Little Service Projects" that all Lions can do. Sometimes, a little service project is calling a friend to say hi or helping a neighbor rake their leaves. As it turns out, the committee has adopted that idea of service along with an event that happens each year. There is a group (www. that sponsors an annual Kindness Week in February. The committee would like Lions of MD 36 to promote, recognize and celebrate the idea of Random Acts of Kindness (RAK).

            Many Lions around the state have discussed for years which is more important: membership or service. As everyone knows, they go hand in hand. I believe we need members to do service and we need the offer of service to bring in new Lion members. Random Acts of Kindness is trying to do both. We are not asking the people of Oregon to join Lions (at least not directly), but to celebrate with Lions the simple act of helping another person. Beyond the very basic idea that helping one another is good for Lions, all Oregonians  and the world, the project offers visibility to Lions and what we stand for - Service.


               You may be wondering what this thingy is in the corner. It is a QR code or Quick Response code that will be included on many of the materials that will be sent to the clubs to promote RAK. A code like this allows someone with a smart phone (I guess everyone else's phone is a dumb phone) to scan the code which will take them to a web page or Facebook page. PCC Dave Rich has developed a Facebook page that will support the idea of RAK by Lions and how everyone can help. The QR code is an up­ to-date shortcut for the computer-literate public to stay informed about the project. Additionally, it will list and explain the other Oregon Projects as they develop; making it an indirect promotion of the many things Lions are involved with. If someone does not know what Lions do, how can they decide if it is for them?

            In the coming weeks, your club will receive supporting materials that explain the opportunity for each club to join with other Lions throughout the Multiple District in celebrating Random Acts of Kindness.

            Okay, one more thing that I have on my mind. All of us talk about the great things that Lions do and how we all are involved with the community; and that is true. But, I do not think we talk enough about how great our club is and the many friendships that have developed because we are Lions. I have so many friends all over Oregon that it is almost unbelievable. Friends and friendships are important.  We need to tell potential members (which is everyone who is not a Lion) how belonging to a club creates new friends. At the same time, we need to make sure our clubs are a warm, friendly and supportive place that all can enjoy. Why would anyone join or belong to a club that did not make you smile?

            Go out and make a great day!

Will you not help me hasten the day when there shall be no preventable blindness; no little deaf, blind child untaught; no blind man or woman unaided? I appeal to you Lions, you who have your sight, your hearing, you who are strong and brave and kind. Will you not constitute yourselves Knights of the Blind in this crusade against darkness?
— Helen Keller's Speech at 1925 International Convention Cedar Point, Ohio, USA June 30, 1925